In Louisiana, the court processing time for uncontested divorces is anywhere from 2-6 months (depending on the parish you reside in). If you reside in Orleans or Jefferson Parish and need your divorce completed faster, your best option for a quick divorce is an “Express Divorce.” By selecting an Express Uncontested Divorce, you will ensure that your divorce is completed within one to two weeks from the date we receive all executed documents.


You are eligible for an “Express Divorce” if the following requirements are met:

  1. You or your spouse meet the Louisiana and Jefferson or Orleans Parish residency and/or venue requirements.
  2. You and your spouse have been separated for the required amount of time – 180 days with no minor children or one year with minor children.
  3. You know where your spouse is located.
  4. Your spouse is cooperating with the process and willing to execute documents necessary for the divorce.
  5. You and your spouse are in agreement regarding the division of any property, assets or debt (if applicable).
  6. You and your spouse are in agreement regarding custody and support of the minor children (if applicable).

See more information here and here on uncontested divorces.


The difference between a regular uncontested divorce and an express uncontested divorce is the time it takes to obtain the judgment of divorce. Usually, when a divorce is filed, each round of paperwork (there are generally three rounds) is either mailed to or electronically filed with the court. Each round of paperwork must make its way through the clerk’s office for the judge’s signature, then back to the attorney. Depending on the parish court, this process can take anywhere from a couple days to a month. When your express divorce is filed, our court runner physically brings your pleading to the court, files them with the clerk’s office, walks the judgment to the judge for signing, brings the judgment back up to the clerk’s office for processing, then returns the pleading to me. This takes the processing time for each step of the case from a couple weeks to a month to one to two days. Therefore, we are able to complete your divorce in one to two weeks after we receive all the executed documents from you and your spouse.


Once you have discussed a divorce with your spouse and know you qualify for the express divorce, contact Rotharmel Shanks, LLC at 504-509-5000 or on our website to get started. You can contact our office with any questions you may have about your case and whether you qualify for an Express Divorce.

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