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With a mission to serve our clients with respect, professionalism, and skill, our firm utilizes our experience to successfully represent people in family law, personal injury, and other legal issues.

It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg every time you want to talk with your lawyer. By aiming to keep expenses reasonable and services efficient, Rotharmel Shanks, LLC is breaking new ground in client relations. With a cost-conscious attitude and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Rotharmel Shanks has capably counseled clients from all areas of Louisiana.

Tracy Rotharmel Shanks


Tracy received her law degree from Loyola University College of Law where she was a Law Review Member, and her bachelor’s degree from Tulane University. Her legal career began defending healthcare and professional negligence claims. Tracy later practiced at two of the city’s top defense firms, which offered her the opportunity to expand her areas of practice. During her time as a defense attorney, Tracy represented numerous insurance companies, which provided her with valuable insight into the insurance claims process.

Tracy possesses the highest academic credentials, and she has practiced in both state and federal courts representing both Fortune 500 companies and individuals in a wide range of legal matters. Importantly, Tracy is welcoming and approachable ensuring that her clients are comfortable with the path to resolution for their legal issues.

Kyla Rogers


Kyla Rogers is a seasoned family law litigator with over a decade of experience. Kyla focuses on divorce, child custody, support, and marital asset division. She also handles community property disputes, adoption, name changes, and various family law matters. Throughout her career, Kyla’s dedication to family law has been evident, making her a valuable asset to Rotharmel Shanks and a respected figure in the New Orleans legal community.

Evelyn Bryant


Evelyn Bryant is a seasoned family law litigator. Prior to joining Rotharmel Shanks, Evelyn was the Domestic Violence Collaboratives Managing Attorney at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services where she handled a diverse caseload involving protective orders, divorce, child custody, child support, and spousal support cases in Orleans Parish. In that role she litigated and managed cases in multiple parishes, supervised staff attorneys, support staff, and contract attorneys across four different offices.

With an impressive success rate at the trial level, Evelyn brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence in family law to Rotharmel Shanks, contributing her extensive expertise to her clients.

Hanna Park

Case Manager

Hanna Park is our case manager at Rotharmel Shanks. Hanna brings a vibrant energy to the firm, coupled with a genuine care for clients. With a background in legal assistance and restaurant management, Hanna has seamlessly blended her skills to create a warm and supportive environment for clients navigating family law matters. Her commitment to fostering positive client experiences is underscored by her outstanding communication skills and a unique ability to connect with people. Hanna’s cheerful demeanor and empathetic approach not only make her an invaluable asset in managing complex tasks but also contribute to the firm’s commitment to providing compassionate and client-focused services in the realm of family law throughout South East Louisiana.

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