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Divorces can be complex and filled with anxieties and emotion. Even the most amicable of divorces can quickly take a heated turn for the worse when it comes to resolving complex issues and reaching a desirable end to a proceeding.

Rotharmel Shanks, LLC is proud to provide trusted legal assistance to individuals that are seeking representation during a complicated, contested divorce. With a trusted reputation for offering stellar counsel, family law attorney Tracy Rotharmel Shanks may be able to assist you with obtaining a favorable resolution to your case. Call the firm right away at (504) 509-5000 if you need a New Orleans divorce attorney.

There are numerous things that could cause issues to arise during a divorce proceeding, including:

Will My Divorce Be Contested?

It is hard to say if a divorce will be contested or not; however, there could be signs that your spouse could make your separation one of high conflict. If your spouse has been known to be irritable or demanding, you could be facing a contested divorce. Anytime you find that your spouse is creating unnecessary conflicts, attempting to petition courts or extending issues that should be resolved, you need to contact a divorce lawyer in New Orleans right away.

Having the right attorney on your side can significantly benefit your case and help resolve complex issues. If you are considering divorce, or if you have been faced with a combative spouse, it is important that you call the office and schedule a case evaluation.

Work with Rotharmel Shanks, LLC When You Call (504) 509-5000

Tracy is proud to have experience working at one of the largest New Orleans litigation firms. She has successfully guided her past clients to favorable resolutions in their divorce cases. She gladly provides clients with an open line of communication and service that you can trust.

Contact Tracy Rotharmel Shanks at (504) 509-5000 to schedule a consultation if you are considering divorce, or if you have already begun your divorce proceedings.

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Can I still get a Quick Divorce in Louisiana during Covid-19?

Can I still get a Quick Divorce in Louisiana during Covid-19?

To obtain a “quick” divorce in Louisiana, you and your spouse must have been separated for the required amount of time (six months without minor children or one year with minor children) prior to filing your divorce. Your spouse also must be willing to sign a “Waiver of Service” as discussed above. If both of these requirements are met, your divorce process will be processed entirely through paperwork without the need of court hearings. This process significantly speeds up the time to complete your divorce because you are not waiting for the court to schedule hearings and the sheriff to make service on your spouse. Uncontested, Article 103 divorces can be completed within a period of two weeks to a few months depending on what parish the case is filed.

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