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Can I still get a Quick Divorce in Louisiana during Covid-19?

To obtain a “quick” divorce in Louisiana, you and your spouse must have been separated for the required amount of time (six months without minor children or one year with minor children) prior to filing your divorce. Your spouse also must be willing to sign a “Waiver of Service” as discussed above. If both of these requirements are met, your divorce process will be processed entirely through paperwork without the need of court hearings. This process significantly speeds up the time to complete your divorce because you are not waiting for the court to schedule hearings and the sheriff to make service on your spouse. Uncontested, Article 103 divorces can be completed within a period of two weeks to a few months depending on what parish the case is filed.

Top Five Considerations for Child Custody Agreements

When you separate from your spouse or partner, you have two options on how child custody will be decided. Either the court can determine custody or you and your ex can come to an agreement relating to how you all will care for your children. By reaching an agreement,...

Getting an Uncontested Divorce When Your Spouse Won’t Sign the Divorce Petition

It is possible to get an uncontested divorce in Louisiana when your spouse does not sign the paperwork for your divorce. This article discusses the means by which you can obtain an uncontested divorce without your spouse’s signature. We will also discuss how the...

Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana When One Spouse Lives Out-of-State

Can I get a divorce when one spouse lives out-of-state? I am asked this question frequently, and the answer is - Yes, you can! As long as you meet certain requirements, the fact that you or your spouse lives out-of-state has no impact on your divorce.  I am going...
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