A quick google search will take you to numerous offers for online divorce paperwork packages.  These companies offer quick preparation of divorce paperwork for an attractive fee. However, these enticing offers may not be all they are cracked up to be.  I have several clients who hire me after paying for online divorce paperwork because they were unable to obtain their judgment of divorce. Here are some pros and cons of online divorce paper packages.


Cheap & Fast

After you submit some basic information, a computer program generates your divorce paperwork for an inexpensive fee.  Your divorce papers will be prepared based on an algorithm – there is no human, and certainly no attorney – preparing your divorce paperwork.  Once your divorce paperwork is prepared, you are responsible for filing the paperwork and finalizing your divorce.



Your divorce is not complete when you receive your paperwork from the online divorce company. You must still file your paperwork (in the right order, with the right timing) with the right court. This means you will have to go down to the correct courthouse on three different occasions to file your paperwork and obtain your divorce. You will also have to pay additional fees for court costs (court costs vary depending on your parish). The online divorce writer companies will lead you to believe that your divorce will only cost $499.00 (Legal Zoom price); however, you will also have to pay the court costs to the clerk’s office for processing your divorce.  As you can see, there is much more work to be done once the work after you receive your divorce papers from the online divorce writer company.


Online divorce writer companies are national companies, not companies local to Louisiana and your parish. These companies provide paperwork based on the laws of Louisiana. However, there are nuanced rules in each parish of Louisiana. Many of my clients have had their divorces prepared by an online divorce writer company denied because the papers do not comply with the specific rules of their parish court. For example, the online divorce companies instruct you to have the Waiver of Service executed by your spouse, but do not instruct you to send the Waiver of Service to your spouse for execution until after you file your petition. Louisiana courts will not grant your divorce if the Waiver of Service is executed before filing the petition for divorce.  Mistakes such as these will cost you additional time and court costs to finalize your divorce.

Not Reviewed by an Attorney

Online divorce paperwork is not reviewed by an attorney – much less an attorney who practices in your parish in Louisiana. There are several issues with not having your divorce completed by an attorney:

  1. You will have to file all your paperwork yourself, as discussed above;
  2. You may make mistakes in the filing of your paperwork, as discussed above;
  3. You do not have an attorney to call when you have questions about your case; and
  4. You may end up having to hire an attorney (like many of my clients do) if you are unable to obtain your divorce on your own because of filing or paperwork issues.

Hiring an attorney to complete your divorce is the best way to ensure your paperwork will be filed correctly and your judgment if divorce will be signed by the court.


Some – not all – online divorce paperwork companies are scam companies.  Some take your money and do not deliver paperwork, and some deliver bad paperwork that does not comply with the laws of Louisiana. The last thing you need when going through the process of filing for divorce is to have your money stolen or be provided with bad paperwork. Before you sign up with a service and input your credit card, you need to review the company. Check ratings with the Better Business Bureau  as well as other sites. See what other users are saying. 


Rotharmel Shanks, LLC provides all the benefits of hiring an attorney to obtain your divorce at the cost of most online divorce paperwork companies. See here for pricing relating to uncontested divorces. An attorney who practices in your parish in Louisiana prepares and files all paperwork to obtain your divorce. All you have to do is provide the information necessary to prepare your paperwork and sign the paperwork. See here for more information on the process and requirements of the uncontested divorce. By hiring Rotharmel Shanks, LLC, you ensure that your divorce will be completed correctly, timely, and cost-efficiently.

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