In Louisiana, a contested divorce is needed when couples can’t agree to the terms of the divorce and must go before a court to resolve them. During the trial, the judge will listen to both parties and make an informed decision on each issue. A contested divorce can even last several months to over a year.

Rothamel Shanks can help protect your rights and interests in a contested divorce. We are experienced and dedicated to providing the personal attention our clients need.



An uncontested divorce is the most simple, time-saving and cost-effective way for married parties to go their separate ways in Virginia.

Uncontested divorces are the best solution for divorcing couples that have been separated for a year, (and in some cases, six months), have no hope of getting back together, and are able to agree exactly how to handle dividing their property and handling parenting responsibilities.

By getting Rotharmel Shanks involved at the beginning of the separation, we can help you plan out a strategy to assist you in getting to an uncontested divorce, if that is a reasonable goal for your situation.


Spousal support is an amount of money paid by a higher earning spouse to a lower earning spouse in order to maintain him or her financially.

There isn’t a statewide set of guidelines for determining the amount of support in all spousal support cases, except in temporary spousal support cases brought in the juvenile and domestic relations district courts.

Rotharmel Shanks is dedicated to protecting your rights and getting you the spousal support you deserve so that you can get your life back on track.


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